Petr Částka – personal story

... So I'm ready to take a triangle from the trunk of my car and there was a sudden bang. No squealing of brakes, no nothing. Just the bang of the car of the guy who hit me pinning me to my car….

One day in April, during nice weather, I was driving on the south connecting road in Prague in the direction from Smíchov, when in front of me a traffic jam began to form. So I took my foot off the gas and suddenly another vehicle hit me from behind. Well, that's crazy, I told myself.  What is he doing?

Well, it happened, so I'm going to stop and check the damage on the car. I was in the middle lane. So I reached under the seat for the traffic vest and prepared to talk to the driver who hit me. Before I reached him people from the traffic accident assistance were already standing two lanes behind the car that hit me. Half in the inner lane and the other half in our lane. It was not bad, because other drivers could pass us on the left side.  Because I know that passing drivers can be curious, I told them to keep going, we can solve this ourselves. Since the damage was not big the other driver and I agreed that we would not even call the traffic police. However, the assistance was still waiting in the event we would change our minds. So I turned to the other driver and said “Please bring the necessary paperwork and documents and we will prepare the necessary paperwork about the accident.  His answer was “I don’t have any paperwork.”  I said “Okay” and went for my own documents which were in the glove box of my car.

Then I told him “At least go get your triangle and put it behind our damaged cars.”  Even if the traffic assistance is standing behind us the triangle must be placed behind the vehicles.  His answer was that he has no triangle.   I say to myself “He’s not a very well-prepared driver.” So I am getting ready to take my triangle from the trunk of my car and suddenly there is a crash.  No squealing of brakes, no horn, no nothing. Just the sound of the crash of the guy hitting and pinning me to my own car. Ambulance, fire department, helicopter and finally my trip ended in Střešovické hospital. After waking up, I found out that both of my legs are gone.  After some time, I still wonder - if the guy would have had at least a triangle and I didn’t have to be behind my car ... Or if the other driver would have been paying attention, he could have stopped in time, preventing the accident (responding to SMS messages while driving is not a good idea). Or if we wouldn’t have talked so long and I had taken the triangle from my car right away.  Now it's just if, if ...

In the final analysis, I survived so it wasn’t completely tragic. After all, I could be dead.