Respiration and heart massage

If he is not breathing, you must tilt the head back and lift the chin - open the airways.

First, determine the state of consciousness of the injured in the place where he is - if he does not respond to your voice and shaking of his shoulder, he is unconscious.

The situation must be resolved as quickly as possible. It is important that the injured unconscious person is breathing. You have to open his airways – tilt the head back, lift the chin and check the condition of breathing. Status of breathing can be checked by sight, listening and feeling exhalation of air for 10 seconds. During this time the injured should breath least 2 times.
If the injured unconscious person begins to breathe, it is necessary to keep the airway open until the arrival of professional rescuers.

If he does not breathe even after tilting the head backward, the only chance to save him is cardiac massage.

If the injured is not breathing or is not breathing normally (sporadic gasping breath or loud groans cannot be considered normal breathing), try to pull him from the vehicle and begin CPR. 
Lay the injured on his back, kneel to the side of his chest. Put both hands on the center of his chest and interlock your fingers. Compress the chest to a depth of 5 -6 cm and after each compression release pressure, but do not lose contact with the chest. 
Keep compression frequencies from 100 to 120 per minute.
If you know how to do it, perform chest compressions and artificial respiration at a ratio of 30:2


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